Our Most Frequently Asked Questions. Since 2014.

How soon can I get a VIZBOX enclosure?

Bespoke enclosures take up to 4 weeks. For urgent orders standard models are available ex-stock. 

What accreditations and certificates do the enclosures come with?

Please be assured that VIZBOX Enclosures represents certified quality.

  • CE marked
  • IP tested.
  • 2006/95/ECLowVoltage(LVD)
  • BS EN60529: 1992

How secure are the enclosures?

The enclosures are extremely secure. All doors have multiple security locks. Additional security is integrated into the door hinges to combat thieves. 

How is the enclosure powered?

The enclosure is powered with a 16A or 32A socket.

How can I switch the projector on/off ?

Optional extras include an integrated Infra Red system to allow you to use your remote controls from outside of the enclosure. Alternatively, the projector can be switched via RS232.

What cable entry options are available?

All enclosures come with cable entry options. Data, HDMI, fibre optic, BNC, cable glands, RS232.  Access to the VIZBOX Smart Designer is given when designing commences which includes cable entry options. 

What are the options for sound?

As the projector is enclosures, it's small speakers will not be heard. If required, a 40W amplifier and external speakers, can be supplied as an optional extra.

Are enclosures available for hire/rent?

Yes. We have partners across the world who have VIZBOX enclosures available to rent. Contact us so that we can put you in touch with the best partner. 

Is there a remote control option?

Absolutely. There is an option to have  a full infra red remote control system integrated into the enclosure. 

Are the enclosures waterproof?

The VIZBOX design has been tested to high standards and is completely weatherproof. Enclosures cannot be waterproof as this would mean the unit is completely sealed. The housing must have an airflow in order to work.

Can the enclosures accommodate extra equipment (laptop etc)?

Generally extra space is incorporated unto all enclosures, for media players etc. Bespoke enclosures can be designed specifically to accommodate any auxiliary equipment. 

I need a quiet enclosure - is this possible?

Yes. The QT enclosure is designed to reduce noise levels from within the enclosure.

Is there an enclosure suitable for marine environments?

VIZBOX enclosures are available in stainless steel, finished with a protective coating and manufactured with specialised components to protect from salt ingress.

What if I want to use the enclosure in a very humid environment ?

Humidity is handled by the enclosure at up to 90%rh


Can the enclosure be used in indoor swimming pool environments?

Yes, IZBOX enclosures may be designed specifically for hot and humid indoor swimming pool environments. 

What is the best way to mount an enclosure?

Enclosure mounting options include integrated uni-strut channel and M8 threaded studs. Enclosures also have safety wire hooking points. Bespoke enclosures can be designed to meet any mounting solution required. 

What colour finish can I have?

Bespoke enclosures can be finished in ANY RAL colour or even vinyl wrapped. Standard models are finished in a dark grey.

How do I get started?

Simply call, email or complete our simple contact form to get started. We look forward to hearing from you!