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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Projector ?

Projector choice depends on a number of factors. Having been involved in the audio visual market for many years we can advise you if you so require. 

Firstly, how bright does it need to be ?

Secondly, how far is the projector going to be from your screen ?

And finally, how big an image do you want to create ?

If you are unsure which projector is right for you, then just call and we will be happy to help you

Can I have sound ?

Projectors do come with a small speaker built in but this will be quietened by the enclosure. However, our TV option comes with an integrated amplifier and 2 weatherproof speakers so all you need to do is supply the speaker cabling.

How do I power the unit ?

The control system has terminals ready for your mains cable but if you are unsure then you must have a qualified electrician cable the unit

How can I switch the system on/off ?

Power to the unit can not be switched off once operational, as that would also switch off the heating and cooling system, so there are other options depending on your use. We will advise and guide you on this, as there are several options available. 

Some protectors can be controlled through RJ45, also one of our optional extras include an integrated IR system to allow you to use your remote controls from outside of the enclosure

What if I want to use the enclosure in a hot humid environment ?

We supply our enclosures with calculated compact air conditioning units (depending on size of projector) for overly hot applications and also have a humidity control system installed to get rid of any moisture.

If you have any questions at all the just contact us and we will be pleased to help. We have trusted partner programme and are able to recommend resellers and installers who will be able to supply and install (if required) projectors and all types of audio visual products, accessories and cabling.