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Outdoor Weatherproof Enclosure with 5 IP-Rated Connections

The latest product shipped out by VIZBOX Enclosures is this bespoke outdoor weatherproof enclosure equipped to house a projector and a satellite receiver. It has a panel-mounted IR receiver for external control of equipment. The enclosure featured five IP-rated connections: 16A mains output HDMI socket for external input to the projector Satellite cable socket for […]

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Projector Enclosures Designed for Swimming Pool Environments

projector housing for swimming pool

This is a VIZBOX ®  bespoke enclosure which was designed and built specifically to client requirements of an indoor swimming pool. The conditions will be obviously wet, but high temperatures and extreme humidity. The projector also needed to be inverted. The result: a bespoke environmental projector housing built to protect the projector in the swimming […]

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Whats in a Name? Housings, Cabinets, Boxes and Enclosures

It has become apparent here at VIZBOX HQ, that there are many names for an enclosure! Just this week alone, we have had enquiries for the following: Waterproof Projector Cabinets Protective Projector Cabinet Snow Enclosures Environmental Housings Projector Box         We don’t mind what you call them of course! There is one […]

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