VIZBOX ® outdoor projector enclosures features include:

  • An electronic climate controlled system to protect the projector from cold, heat, humidity and moisture,

  • Single or multiple access doors

  • Dual locks with dust caps,

  • Specialist self-cleaning treated and hardened glass viewing window,

  • Protective powder coating in any RAL colour to suit the installation

  • Various mounting solutions – Welded studs and mounts to suit

  • Stacking enclosures
  • VIZBOX ® is IP-rated and CE-marked.

So what the first step in designing your protective projector enclosure ?

Contact us by email or phone and we will talk you through the process. Even if you are not sure which projector is right for your application, we can help with choosing the perfect projector for your project by taking into account the environment, brightness, distance to screen, image size and how you wish to control your projector.

When you are happy that the right projector has been chosen, we will then ask you a few simple questions regarding the design of your enclosure including exterior colour, projector mounting plate and how you want to mount your enclosure as this information will allow us to have mounting studs welded onto your enclosure during the fabrication stage so you do not have to drill and therefore indemnify the IP rating of the enclosure.

How VIZBOX® projector enclosures are made

Most of our housings are bespoke and are professionally made to suit your projectors requirements and your application. Our design is carried out by a qualified and experienced Electronics Engineer.

Your enclosure will be designed to suit the size of your projector, your projectors cooling system and also any extra modifications that you may require 

Your enclosure will then be fabricated from stainless steel, mild steel, or aluminium, quality checked, and then sent to be power coated in the RAL colour you have chosen

The next stage is the assembly, where we attach the access door (or doors), dual security locks with dust covers, air filters, insert and seal the hardened premium optical clear glass viewing window and the control system

The control system consists of a cooling system using high airflow fans, heating system with a safe low wattage cabinet heater and any of the optional extras you have chosen, which is then assembled, wired and tested, again by a qualified electrical engineer. 

And finally, when complete your enclosure is tested and quality checked again before being carefully packed ready for shipping to site.

All internal parts come with a 12 months warranty and the VIZBOX ® enclosure has a 2 year warranty.

Tight Deadline?

VIZBOX now stock a range of standard enclosures which will many applications. They are ready to ship to any destination.