Outdoor Projector Cabin

Securely House Up To Six Projectors

A range of innovative VIZBOX air-conditioned projector cabins is now available.

The VB-Cabin a specialised protective unit, designed to securely house and protect projectors when used in outdoor environments. The cabins have robust security features to prevent theft, vandalism, and unauthorised access to the projectors.

The key features and characteristics of a secure outdoor projector cabin includes:

  • Houses 2, 4 or 6 projectors up to 40,000 lumens

  • Weatherproof with a reinforced door which includes 5-lever deadlocks and jemmy proof joints

  • Thermal insulation and plywood walled

  • Internal Air Conditioning with a combination of both efficient, cost-effective cooling and heating to hold a continuous temperature inside the cabin

  • A high air-flow extractor fan with internal ducting to expel the hot exhaust air from each projector directly before it can circulate around the cabin

  • Aluminium stands for each pair of projectors which gives ample adjustability for both angle and lens options

  • Integrated VB247 control for each projector, giving easy access log on to monitor the environmental status of the cabin interior and control each projector

  • Lifting eyes for cranes and forklift pockets for ease of movement

  • Galvanised steel and RAL powder coat construction

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Outdoor projector cabin to house up tp 6 projectors