Client Testimonials

Roman Hatala , Director, CADMOS, France
 "We sourced the protective projector enclosures from VIZBOX due to innovative product features, including VB247 remote control solution. We worked closely with VIZBOX and found them to be technically extremely knowledgeable, helpful and quick to respond to any queries. VIZBOX supplied over one hundred enclosures for this project and met our installations timeframe perfectly. It was a pleasure to do business with them."

Bill Ainley,   Head of Projects - System Integrations, Creative Technology - Emirates LLC
"Making sure that the projectors will fit inside Vizbox enclosures is only one part of the design process. Getting accurate and current information about the exact form factor of the enclosures in their plethora of guises and configurations was paramount for the detailed layout of our recent outdoor installation project here in the Middle East. We had limited access to the venue during the construction phase so we needed to ensure the pre-visualisation CAD for the projector positioning and associated bespoke supports was not only entirely accurate, but also easily transportable amongst our client and construction stakeholders in a working format.
Vizbox went above and beyond to ensure that the CAD files they were using were also compatible with our CAD workflow at this end. We spent considerable time to both verify and test the bi-directional workflow however the efforts paid off immediately. We were able to collaborate quickly and easily to ensure the enclosure design was exactly as we were expecting, and was going to both fit and work perfectly in situ. All this whilst 7000 kilometres apart, and with only one initial face-to-face meeting !
Creative Technology Middle East were extremely proud to have been the first integrators to take advantage of Vizbox Enclosure’s extensive R&D on their new self-contained VB247 climate monitoring and control system for an ambitious outdoors projection mapping project soon to be launched in the Gulf region. The units will be immediately put to the test during their first summer of operation under extreme heat and humidity conditions, but we entirely confident that they will keep our 25K projectors safely running on this outdoor permanent installation."

Josh Miller, Director, DJ Willrich Ltd

"We have worked with VIZBOX on a number of challenging projects, in most instances we are installing high value projectors into harsh environments .
In each instance VIZBOX have engaged fully with the DJW team and discussed all of the potential risks to the hardware and proposed a range of outdoor projection solutions. Having agreed upon the solution VIZBOX have efficiently and professionally worked through the stages of design approval, production and delivery.

Our experience working with VIZBOX has been very positive and we will certainly be working with them again, when the next challenging installation arises."

Rob Paul, Director, LCI Productions

"The Vizbox projector enclosures are vital to the delivery of the new Dream Hunters attraction, and are working well in the damp cave environment"

Mark Ryan, Head of Projection, PixelArtworks

"VIZBOX supplied high quality outdoor projector enclosures, customised to our needs via an effortless design process. Thanks!”

A Global Audio Visual and Lighting Integrator - Hong Kong

"We’re happy to see that after one year plus in operation through a typhoon season, including a T10, and heats above 40C with 90% plus humidity that VIZBOX outdoor projector enclosures are still keeping the equipment safe and working environment"

Greg Finney, Managing Director, Practical Audio Visual

"We found the Vizbox team to be both knowledgeable and flexible in helping us put together the enclosure design, and the end results were fantastic."

Matt Beastall, Director, FusionLX

"We have worked with VIZBOX Enclosures Limited on some sizeable projects. We have met both directors from the company who are very friendly and offer great advice. The units are manufactured to our specific needs and delivery is always on time. Any issues have been promptly dealt with. The last project was for 8 units for a docked military ship which was turned into a tourist attraction. This exhibition has the 8 projectors along with a powerful surround sound audio, all of which are synchronised together to create an immersive show which explores the Gallipoli Campaign.Vizbox are reliable, trustworthy, established and offer very good customer services. We would recommend them."

Volker Schräger-Enkirch, CEO - SIGMA Audio-Visuell GmbH, Düsseldorf

“We are very pleased with the VIZBOX outdoor projector enclosure’s performance.
It fulfilled its function well and was reliable. Should we have the need again, we will gladly return to VIZBOX and are happy to recommend them to others.”

Alan Williams, Director, Atlas AV

“The bespoke design of the VIZBOX enclosure matches perfectly with the durable, made for purpose AV system installed in this unique environment. Without the enclosure the projector would simply not survive its location. The VIZBOX enclosure has looked after our projector for over a year through a harsh winter. It is an ideal solution for us at a sensible price-point, that we shall be using again.”

Ben Willetts, Director, 4D Immersive

"Camberwell Park Specialist School contacted us in the middle of 2014 to discuss the possibility of installing two spaces in their new school building, one being a Hydrotherapy pool. We began to work with VIZBOX to create the three housings that would protect our projectors. VIZBOX was great to work with, helping us at all points through the project making sure the housings worked for us. The space has been up and running since the end of January 2016 and the school love it! The technology that we have installed in the pool area means the children can be taken into any environment they so wish while using the pool with the teachers and support staff, whether that be underwater with the sea life or at the beach on their holidays!"

Martyn Davis, Head of Technical Events, Orchard

‘Orchard were asked by Cadw, who are responsible for promoting most of the castles in Wales, to procure a projector systems that could be used to project messages on to Caerphilly Castle. The largest castle in Wales and one of the most iconic. The advice, support and customer service offered by Vizbox was second to none. Their product knowledge is excellent and we are pleased that we now have a projector in a Vizbox enclosure that projects Cadw’s messages to thousands of visitors.’