VIZBOX Outdoor Projector Enclosures

Outdoor Projector Enclosures

VIZBOX Enclosures Limited designs and manufactures outdoor projector enclosures with optional remote control and monitoring solutions. The enclosures are an innovative solution for protecting projectors being used in outdoor or challenging environments.

Revolutionising Digital Projection: Beyond the Beam with Advanced Enclosures

In an era where visual content reigns supreme, digital projectors have become the cornerstone of every presentation, event, and theatre experience. But while the world has been enamoured by the quality and clarity of the projection, few consider the heart and soul of these machines – the projector itself. This is where our specialised digital projector enclosures come into play, ensuring that the magic on the screen is backed by safety, longevity, and peak performance behind the scenes.

More Than Just an Enclosure

While most might dismiss a projector enclosure as merely a protective case, our advanced enclosures redefine their role in the digital projection landscape. Here's a glimpse of how:

1. Temperature Mastery: Our outdoor projector enclosures are designed to maintain an optimal operating temperature, ensuring that your projector doesn't overheat. This feature not only prolongs the lifespan of your equipment but also ensures consistent performance, even during prolonged use.

2. Humidity Control:  In environments prone to moisture or high humidity, projectors can suffer. Moisture can damage delicate components and impair projection quality. Our enclosures combat this with built-in humidity control, preserving the integrity of your device.

3. Cutting-edge Cooling: Combating the heat generated during operation, our enclosures are equipped with an advanced cooling system. This feature not only keeps the projector cool but also works silently, ensuring that the only sound in the room is from your content.

Based in the UK, the company supplies projector enclosures throughout the world.

The company formed in 2014. In 2019 VIZBOX provided it's outdoor projector enclosures solution to the world's largest digital arts centre at Les Bassins de Lumières, in Bordeaux, France.

The company prides itself on continuous development and have a number of exciting new products to be launched later this year.


Securely house up to 6 projectors in a steel, secure unit, rather that multiple outdoor projector enclosures. An efficient solution.


Perfect for Middle Eastern climates, AirFusion outdoor projector enclosures features integrated air conditioning and the VB247 control system.

VIZBOX QT (quiet) enclosure as installed by Cyber Homes who won the CEDIA Award for Home Cinema.

Built for extreme conditions. Hazardous environments can seriously damage projectors.


Outdoor projector enclosures for Epson's new Periscope lens

Projector Flight Cases offer full environmental projection whilst being a mobile solution.

VB247 control system offers many benefits including major cost savings and preventative maintenance including a built-in RS232 power cycle works with all leading projectors and all VIZBOX outdoor projector enclosures.


Projector enclosures for high humidity environments such as swimming pools and swim spas.

Built specifically for the underground environment - tunnels, railways, cave systems

VIZBOX design standalone secure plinths to suit various installation heights with secure storage for AV equipment.

Typically for indoor projection, VIZBOX tilting cradles securely holds the projector. This enables a safe and easy way to house projectors.


When projectors are moved around, such as universities, the VIZBOX trolley makes this light and safe work.

VIZBOX manufacture bespoke, IP rated cabinets with the same standard environmental controls to protect audio visual equipment in all weathers.

No Hidden Costs

Every Outdoor Projector Enclosure Price Includes:

Design and CAD drawing,
Thermal insulation,
Any mounting i.e. uni-strut or M8 threaded studs,
Any RAL colour finish,
Any orientation - Vertical, landscape or portrait,
Any IP rated cable entries. eg: Data, HDMI , SDI

Client Testimonials

Tristan Griffen, Blackstar Live Ltd

"We couldn’t be happier with the enclosures, they have been up and running on site for the past week with no problems or concerns whatsoever.

In fact, I’d go as far to say that the enclosures are far superior to anything else on the market! And having worked on installations for the likes of international entertainment companies, I thought the enclosures we used for those projects were the best that money could buy, but your products are on another level! I wish I’d known about VIZBOX sooner!"

Josh Miller, Director, DJ Willrich

"We have worked with VIZBOX on a number of challenging projects, in most instances we are installing high value projectors into harsh environments .

In each instance VIZBOX have engaged fully with the DJW team and discussed all of the potential risks to the hardware and proposed a range of solutions. Having agreed upon the solution VIZBOX have efficiently and professionally worked through the stages of design approval, production and delivery.

Our experience working with VIZBOX has been very positive and we will certainly be working with them again, when the next challenging installation arises."

Matt Beastall, Director, FusionLX

"We have worked with VIZBOX Enclosures Limited on some sizeable projects. 

The units are manufactured to our specific needs and delivery is always on time. Any issues have been promptly dealt with.  The last project  for a docked military ship which was turned into a tourist attraction. This exhibition has  8 projectors along with a powerful surround sound audio, all of which are synchronised together to create an immersive show which explores the Gallipoli Campaign.

Vizbox are reliable, trustworthy, established and offer very good customer services. We would recommend them."

Roman Hatala , Director, CADMOS, France

 "We sourced the projector enclosures from VIZBOX due to innovative product features, including VB247 remote control solution. We worked closely with VIZBOX and found them to be technically extremely knowledgeable, helpful and quick to respond to any queries.

VIZBOX supplied over one hundred enclosures for this project and met our installations timeframe perfectly.

It was a pleasure to do business with them."

Bill Ainley,   Head of Projects , Creative Technology Emirates

"Creative Technology Middle East were extremely proud to have been the first integrators to take advantage of Vizbox Enclosure’s extensive R&D on their new self-contained VB247 climate monitoring and control system for an ambitious outdoors projection mapping project soon to be launched in the Gulf region. The units will be immediately put to the test during their first summer of operation under extreme heat and humidity conditions, but we entirely confident that they will keep our 25K projectors safely running on this permanent installation."

Working with leading projector manufacturers including:

enclosures for Digital Projection projectors
Enclosures for Panasonic projector
Barco projectors
projector enclosures for Christie projectors

Outdoor Projection

AV integrators love VIZBOX ® outdoor projector enclosures . Inverted projection, triple access doors, no problem. From T10 tornadoes and 90% humidity of Hong Kong to the freezing temperatures of Scandinavia.

Complete Control

Complete control with cutting edge VB247 ™ -  world leading remote control system. Power cycle any projector from any internet connected device on any operating system.

100% Protection

From swimming pools and spas, to freezing climes, sand storms to marine environments, VIZBOX have thought of everything and offer the ultimate protection of the projector.

Fit and Forget described by our audio visual clients. Well, almost - minimal maintenance required.

Custom Built

Bespoke projector enclosures designed specifically for the projector, lens and environment. The VIZBOX Online Smart Designer is available to all clients. Choose as many features as are required.

Stock Available

We occasionally have standard enclosures available for immediate despatch, anywhere in the world.