VB247 Remote Control and Monitoring

VB247 gives to the ability to log onto single or multiple enclosures from any device (Windows, iOS, Android, Mac etc) without the need for downloading any software. The user is able to monitor and change a wide range of parameters on a limitless number of enclosure systems, from any internet connected device.

The innovative solution can control any projector using the RS232 connection which means that switching the projector on and into standby is achieved using the specific manufacturers' recommended procedures.

The solution lends itself to proactive maintenance whilst saving key resources - cost savings, man hour savings and downtime at the installation.

As featured in AV Magazine's Product Spotlight (shown below).

  • Key Features

    • RS232 power cycle
    • Multiple projector manufacturers i.e. DP, Panasonic, Epson, Barco etc.
    • Seven day timer settings
    • Real time clock with DST and network time sync
    • Multiple alarms
    • Door intruder alarms
    • 30 day event log
    • Alteration of numerous parameters
    • Remote power cycle function
    • and many more functions.

VB247 project enclosure monitoring
AV Magazine VB247 JuneJuly2019