VIZBOX Enclosures Product Range

VIZBOX designs and manufactures indoor and  outdoor projector enclosures for any projector with any lens and any for environment. The portfolio also includes a range of associated products: cabinets, cradles, trollies and plinths.

VIZBOX design and bespoke manufacture 99% of products specifically to meet client needs.

Standard outdoor projector enclosures are in stock when time is of the essence.

Please note that the product range below is not definitive - all (apart from standard stock) are built bespoke for the installation. For example, a client may need a swimming pool enclosure with VB247.

VIZBOX offer a range of mounting options.

Please see full product range below. 

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As VIZBOX invest heavily in new technology, concept video which shows heat and air flow within the virtual enclosure is now available for all clients.

VIZBOX hold stock of standard enclosures for same day despatch.

VB247 control system offers many benefits including major cost savings and preventative maintenance including a built-in RS232 power cycle works with all leading projectors.


Projector enclosures for humid environments such as swimming pools and swim spas.

Built specifically for the underground environment - tunnels, railways, cave systems

VIZBOX QT (quiet) enclosure as installed by Cyber Homes who won the CEDIA Award for Home Cinema.

Perfect for Middle Eastern climates, the AirFusion features integrated air conditioning and the VB247 control system.

Built for extreme conditions. Hazardous environments can seriously damage projectors.


VIZBOX manufacture bespoke, IP rated cabinets with the same standard environmental controls to protect audio visual equipment in all weathers.

VIZBOX design standalone secure plinths to suit various installation heights with secure storage for AV equipment.

Typically for indoor projection, VIZBOX tilting cradles enables a safe and easy way to house projectors.


When projectors are moved around, such as universities, the VIZBOX trolley makes this light and safe work.

Epson Periscope Lens

Outdoor projector enclosures for Epson's new Periscope lens

Projector Flight Cases offer full environmental projection whilst being a mobile solution.

VB-Cabin houses up to 6 projectors in a secure steel unit


Enclosures for sports events