VIZBOX ® environmental projector enclosures: Designed to protect in harsh weather and conditions

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Weatherproof - Vandal Resistant - Secure
Made in the UK :: Exported Globally

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Outdoor Projection

AV integrators love VIZBOX ® . Inverted projection, double access doors, no problem. From 95% humidity of Hong Kong to the freezing temperatures of Finland!

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Video Mapping

Video mapping using super powerful projectors - extreme heat, humidity, coldness, rain, snow or hail - the hardware is completely protected

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Caves, Tunnels, Mines

Project underground, in cold, damp and humid locations such as caves, tunnels and mines. These tend to be tourist attractions, roads and railways.

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Swimming Pools and Spas

VIZBOX enclosures have been used in extremely humid environments, with chlorine present. Swimming pools and spas now enjoy using projection technology.

VIZBOX ® Projector Enclosures

VIZBOX ® Quality

VIZBOX ® Projector Enclosures
VIZBOX enclosures protects the projector and internal components from extreme weather conditions; heat, cold, ice, rain, hail and snow. IP rated and CE-marked

Why Choose VIZBOX ® ?

Custom Built
Each enclosure is designed to suit the size of projector, the projectors cooling system and also any extra modifications that may be required
Maximised Investment
The bespoke enclosure can house a range of optional extras, enabling massive functionality! IR control system, TV Packages, Digital Presentation systems and more.
We can offer you all the help you require in choosing the perfect projector for your project taking into account the environment, brightness, distance to screen and how you wish to control your projector