This is a VIZBOX ®  bespoke enclosure which was designed and built specifically to client requirements of an indoor swimming pool. The conditions will be obviously wet, but high temperatures and extreme humidity. The projector also needed to be inverted. The result: a bespoke environmental projector housing built to protect the projector in the swimming pool environment.

  • Ducting collar for clean air
  • Integrated IP65 socket
  • Built-in infra-red control system
  • Inverted mounted plate
  • Integral mounting bolts
  • 3 fan cooling plus humidity control
  • Twin doors
  • High security locks
  • Finished in the client’s chosen RAL colour
  • Pre-wired mains input and projector mains leadVIZBOX bespoke projector housing


clean air intake

Ducting collar for clean air intake

IP65 socket

Built in IP65 socket as standard