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Dual Outdoor Projector Enclosures

specialised dual projector enclosure

VIZBOX Projector Enclosures have launched a dual outdoor projector housing. This is ideal for outdoor /  back yard cinema when there needs to be a contingency projector in place. It also lends itself to video mapping from two projectors in a single enclosure.    

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Cheddar Gorge and Caves – Incredible Dream Hunters Show

Cheddar Gorge and Caves 2016

LCI Productions Limited were commissioned to create a new audio visual experience at Cheddar Gorge and Caves, Somerset. This innovative and amazingly creative team set about the task, which included conception, design, show production, build and installation. VIZBOX designed and manufactured the environmental projector enclosures which were to run in a damp cave system. See the […]

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Projector Enclosures Designed for Swimming Pool Environments

projector housing for swimming pool

This is a VIZBOX ®  bespoke enclosure which was designed and built specifically to client requirements of an indoor swimming pool. The conditions will be obviously wet, but high temperatures and extreme humidity. The projector also needed to be inverted. The result: a bespoke environmental projector housing built to protect the projector in the swimming […]

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Cheshire Museum Install

Here we have an installed projector enclosure in a new tourist attraction in Cheshire. The museum has 4 enclosures; 2 mounted as in the image, and 2 projecting upwards from the ground. The result, is an exciting and amazing audio visual show, educating children and adults alike! The projectors are totally secure, as well as being […]

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IP65 Socket Now Standard

VIZBOX Projector Enclosures now come with a pre-wired IP65 16A socket. For ease of installation, all that is required to bring power to the projector enclosure is to fit the supplied IP65 plug to the mains cable. VIZBOX now also comes with pre-wired IEC lead (projector mains lead) as standard, to suit your projector To top things off, […]

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AV Interactive

vizbox in av magazine media coverage

We are delighted to say that we have had a small feature written on the VIZBOX outdoor projector enclosure in AV Interactive. Thanks to editor, Clive Couldwell.  

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VIZBOX Featured in Essential Install Magazine

Essential Install Magazine (Edition March 2015) featured a projector supplement, entitled “Picture This”. Thanks to editor Daniel Sait for the editorial piece about our projector enclosures. The piece gives the features and benefits of the product and explains how the concept gives AV installers increased flexibility about where to project from.

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Custom Outdoor Enclosures

This unit was powder coated in the client’s specified RAL colour, and as selected by their interior designers. We can finish all units in ANY RAL colour. This is popular in listed buildings, and tourist attractions. This particular unit also has 2 doors, and a ceiling mount for inverted projection.  Whatever your requirement, give us […]

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Whats in a Name? Housings, Cabinets, Boxes and Enclosures

It has become apparent here at VIZBOX HQ, that there are many names for an enclosure! Just this week alone, we have had enquiries for the following: Waterproof Projector Cabinets Protective Projector Cabinet Snow Enclosures Environmental Housings Projector Box         We don’t mind what you call them of course! There is one […]

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Waterproof Projector Enclosures

VIZBOX® Enclosures protects projectors do not allow water in. The IP rating certificate demonstrates that the housing has had water sprayed at it from all angles and has not allowed any water inside the unit.  Is it waterproof then? ALL outdoor enclosures which are specifically designed to protect electrical products inside, from the elements outside, […]

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